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350 SL
450 SLC, 1979
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In case you would like to read more in detail about the Mercedes R107 and C107, the last full chrome two-seater roadster from the early 350 SL to the mighty 560SL, and the SLC from the 350SLC to the 500SLC, here you can buy both the printed book and the e-book. It comes with plenty of recent non-Daimler AG photos, this includes photos of some of the car's technical details.

Developing a trendsetter

A rotary piston engine

The launch of the first V8 SL
-  the 350 SL
-  the 450 SL*

The SLC comes along

The 1980 facelift
-  the 280SL
-  the 380SL
-  the 500SL

The 1985 facelift
-  the 300SL
-  the 420SL
-  the 500SL
-  the 560SL*

The tuning scene
-  Koenig Specials
-  AMG
-  Brabus
-  Lorinser

The forgotten 500SL Rally car

A comprehensive buyer's guide

What are my SL and SLC worth

Which R107 or C107 to buy

The VIN and data card explained

The sales performance

*the 450 SL was in the US first called 350SL 4.5, while the 560SL was officially only available in the US, Australia and Japan
The following videos are copied from youtube for your viewing pleasure. Some of them contain cars filmed by commercial vendors. I am not associated with them
Mercedes R107 Drive Video 2 Mercedes R107 Review Video Mercedes R107 Drive Video 1

MERCEDES R107/C107 280SL/SLC - 560SL

Book and e-book about the Mercedes SL/SLC R107/C107 (1971 - 1989)

Mercedes C107 Video