The vario steel roof is born
A softer design
The list of standard equipment gets longer
Impressive safety system

The launch
A problematic SBC braking system
The SL55 AMG becomes available
A new V6 and V12
The SL65 AMG
2006: a needed facelift and quality improvement for the R230 series
The 2008 facelift

-  The SL63 replaces the SL55
-  The SL63 Formula One Pace Car
-  The SL65
-  The SL65 Black Series

The special editions
The tuning scene
Brabus Vanish/Stealth
Carlsson SL65 C25
MKB Motorenbau P1000
ASMA Design

The sales performance
Experiencing the SL65 AMG
The VIN and data card explained
A comprehensive buyer's guide
Color choices
Technical specifications of each model
Annualized production data for each model
Topics of the book:
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Mercedes SL55 AMG
SL500, interior
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Mercedes R230 Video Mercedes R230 Review Video Mercedes R230 Brabus Video


Book and e-book about the Mercedes R230 SL (2001 - 2011)