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Mercedes SL63 AMG interior
SL 550
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And in case you would like to read more in detail about the Mercedes R231 from the V6-cylinder SL350 to the exciting V12-cylinder AMG SL65, here you can buy the respective e-book. A printed version is not available yet.
Mercedes R231 SL (2012 -)
An aluminum body for a slightly revised design
The engine choices
Larger and top quality interior
Safety and convenience features
Prices and the Edition 1 model

What are the alternatives to the new SL500
-   a little comparison with the BMW 650i

The AMG SL63
The engine and other technical goodies
The body and interior

The AMG SL65
A new seven-speed transmission
The body and interior
The 45th Anniversary Edition

The following videos are copied from youtube for your viewing pleasure. Some of them contain cars filmed by commercial vendors. I am not associated with them
Mercedes R231 SL63 AMG Test Video Mercedes R231 SL550 Test Video Mercedes R231 Intro Video


E-book about the Mercedes R231 SL (2012 - )