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SLK320, R170
SLK200 K R170
SLK230 R170
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And in case you would like to read more in detail about the Mercedes SLK R170 from the tame SL200 to the rocket on wheels SL32 AMG, both the book and e-book are available here

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How did it all begin
The concept cars 
History of the vario roof 
The SLK vario roof 
Trouble shooting the vario roof 
The SLK R170 
The four-cylinder engines 

First upgrades 

The 2000 facelift
-  Four- and six-cylinder engines

-  Body and interior 
The SLK32 AMG 
The special editions 
The sales performance
Experiencing the SLK230
The Brabus SLK6.5-32
Other tuners
-  Väth

-  Carlsson
-  RENNtech
Choosing a used R170
-  The body

-  The wheels, brakes, exhaust
-  The roof
-  The engine, suspension
-  The transmission
-  The interior

The SLK’s VIN explained

The SLK’s data card with model code description
Today’s second hand car prices

List of differences between the R170 model years
Unique SLK R170s

The following videos are copied from youtube for your viewing pleasure. Some of them contain cars filmed by commercial vendors. I am not associated with them


Interesting book and e-book about the Mercedes R170 SLK200 - SLK32 AMG (1996 - 2004)

SLK R170 Intro Video SLK R170 Test Video SLK R170 Brabus Video