MERCEDES-BENZ: The Fifties, Volume 1

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Mercedes 170 S, Cabrio A
Mercedes 170 S, dashboard
Mercedes 170 S V, 1953
Excerpts from the book:

The Mercedes 170 S sedan
<<<With a more modern, wider body with softer flowing lines and larger windows, a greatly improved front axle plus a larger four-cylinder engine that now offered 52 DIN hp, the new Mercedes 170 S was seen as vastly improved over the 170 V, when it made its proud entrance at the Technical Export Fair in Hanover in May 1949. As intended by Daimler-Benz, it was immediately clear that a true competitor to the luxurious Opel Kapitšn from General Motors had arrived. Although only powered by a four-cylinder, the mercedes 170 S can be regarded as the first S-class, although from today's perspective it might merely settle for an E-class, especially when seen as a Mercedes-Benz diesel.

<<<In 1953, after a four-year production run, it was finally time for the Mercedes 170 S models for their last show down. To distinguish them from their predecessors, they changed into the 170 S-V and S-D model. Now competing against the new ponton style 180 (W120) series, Daimler-Benz decreased the prices again in the same way they did already with the 170 V, when that car faced internal competition from the Mercedes 170 S. But this time costs of production could not justify a price reduction without simplifying the product on offer. So it was decided to use the old Mercedes 170 V engine and its simpler front axle. The diesel engine remained unchanged, as it was the same 40 DIN hp as in the previous 170 D. Logically they were not called anymore internally W191 and W191D. It was back to W136. This time W136 VIII and W136 VIII D respectively>>>

Experiencing the Mercedes 170 S
<<<After a few miles with my new-found love I had to learn the hard way that I was not the four-on-the-floor expert anymore. I had not touched a manual shift in over 30 years, so first I had to learn to drive a car with a floor mounted manual shift properly again. The Benz is a fairly heavy car for its size of engine, so it needed some getting used to let the clutch slowly go at the right number of revs.

My first drive out of town with the Mercedes 170 S was with my wife and we both will never forget it. I mean that>>>

If you want to read in much more detail about the Mercedes 170 S with the Cabriolet A and B, its coach-builders and how it is driving a 170 S Cabriolet, you can go here for the printed book or here for the e-book. While the printed book covers cars such as the 170, 220, 300 and 300 S, the e-book deals with all variations of the Mercedes 170 S. Both books offer plenty of new color pictures, never published in a book before. I am sure you will enjoy reading.
Mercedes 170 S Cabrio A Video Mercedes 170 DS Video Mercedes 170 S Video
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Mercedes 170 S W136 (1949 - 1955)

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