MERCEDES-BENZ: The Fifties, Volume 1

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Excerpts from the book:

Mercedes 220 Sedan
<<<The styling of the Mercedes W187 was similar to the 170S, except that now the headlights, which sat previously prominently between hood and fenders, were integrated into the fenders. This was supposed to move the car further away from its pre-war design as it would give the new car a more modern look. The four-speed fully synchromesh gearbox was now coupled to a very fashionable column mounted gearshift. A feature that people had seen on American cars and found to be highly desirable (Opel had moved to a column mounted gearshift already in May 1950). Never mind of course that floor-mounted gearshifts were moved again to the option-list a decade later>>>

<<<While the Mercedes Benz 220 sedan was already quite costly at 11,925. - DM or 2,830. - US$ (an additional 600. - DM gave you the desirable Webasto soft sunroof), the Cabriolet B was offered at 15,160. - DM or 3,590. - US$ and the two-seater Cabriolet A at an almost insanely 18,860. - DM, which equaled 4,320.- US$ at contemporary exchange rates. This was more expensive than a 1951 Cadillac 60 Special with an eight-cylinder 5,420cc or 331 cu in engine, producing 160 SAE hp. But the most expensive version was the coupe which was finally introduced in 1954 at a whopping 20,850.- DM or 4,940.- US$ (add to this another 1,150.- DM or 275.- US$ in case your fountain pen ticked the Webasto steel sunroof on the options list)>>>

Experiencing the Mercedes 220

<<<From the outside the Mercedes W187 still offers plenty of pre-war flair. Those large curved fenders, the tall chromed radiator mask plus small windows and suicide doors in combination with running boards and tiny windshield-wipers give you the impression of an era gone by, a time where cars were slowly built to order and a proud testament of the rich Mercedes history.
The Mercedes Benz 220 ponton successor was a huge world apart>>>

If you want to read in much more detail about the Mercedes Benz 220, its cabriolet type A and B and coupe version, and how it is driving a Mercedes 220 today, then please go here for the printed book and here for the e-book. While the printed version covers cars such as the 170, 220, 300 and 300S, the e-book deals with the Mercedes 220 and its cabriolet and coupe versions. Both books come with plenty of new color pictures, most of them never published in a book before. I am sure you will enjoy.
Mercedes 220, Cabrio A
Mercedes 220, Cabrio B
Mercedes 220, Sedan
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Mercedes 220 Drive Video Mercedes 220 Cabrio A Video Mercedes 220 Video (span.)


Mercedes 220 W187 (1951 - 1955)

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Mercedes 220 Cabrio B Video