MERCEDES-BENZ: The Fifties, Volume 1

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Mercedes 220S
Mercedes 220S, interior
Mercedes 220S, 230S Universal
Excerpts from the book:

Mercedes W111 fintail
When development for the Mercedes ponton model started, management decided to launch the four-cylinder Mercedes first in order to slowly prepare its somewhat traditionally minded customers for the dawn of a new era. This time it was the other way around. The bigger Mercedes 220S and its siblings came first.

On an unspecified day in 1956, Prof. Nallinger, visionary chief engineer and member of the executive board, called into his office Rudolf Uhlenhaut (head of passenger car development), Karl Wilfert (head of body development) and Josef Müller (head of engine development). They needed to discuss the ponton successor, he said. Two things had been decided upon by the executive board prior to this meeting: the dimensions of the passenger cell (larger) and the time of the launch (autumn 1959). Everything else he said, he wanted to leave up to them. As the ponton engines were fairly modern, there wasn't too much to do for Josef Müller, but Karl Wilfert knew that the new Mercedes had to cater to different tastes, as export was a high priority. He and his team had quite a job on hand>>>

<<<After plenty of internal arguments, Wilfert was famous and almost feared for, his styling team lead by Friedrich Geiger came up with a proposal that did not only incorporate hints of American styling preferences but it also had sufficient traditional elements incorporated that even a person not interested in cars at all, would immediately recognize the car as a Mercedes. The Mercedes fintail was born>>>

What does the book offer:

This 190-page guide is the only one that deals exclusively with the W111 two- and four-door models. And these are some of the topics covered:
- the complete development and history of the W111 series, all upgrades included
- a comprehensive buyer's guide can help you to find the W111 that suits you best
- chassis number and data card are explained in great detail
- the racing history
- over 130 mostly recent non-Daimler AG color photos highlight many interesting features, this includes pictures of the suspension and it
- looks at their paint and upholstery options.
The book finishes with the paint and upholstery options, full technical details and the annual production history of each model. A separate chapter talks about B. Barenyi, the person responsible for the safety cell of the W111. Enjoy!

Interested to read more about the Mercedes W111 fintail series? Then please go here for the printed book and the e-book. If you do not live in the US, please select it from your respective country website of amazon.
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W111 Mercedes 220, S, SE, 230S (1959 - 1968)

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