MERCEDES-BENZ: The Fifties, Volume 1

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Excerpts from the book:

The Mercedes 220 Ponton (the second Mercedes S-class)
While the new Mercedes 220 a ponton was like the 180 before him a bow to modern (aka American) design, it was not a copy of American ideas, when it came to the engine or road-holding manners. In this respect the car was a true Mercedes-Benz: giving the customer supremacy in quality, performance and agility. While the front suspension and sub frame were shared with its smaller brother, the new rear suspension was a copy of the single-joint swing axle with a low pivot point, which had been originally developed for the W196 Formula One racing car. Not a bad decision and far superior to what Daimler-Benz had offered when it introduced the Mercedes 180 ponton one year earlier>>>

<<<Together with the longer front and the differently designed hood this made the Mercedes 220 a look far more impressive, especially from the side. And once you had a chance to actually have a seat inside the car, you instantly knew that this car could definitely NOT be mistaken for the lesser version. The amount of real wood that had been applied to the dashboard and windowsills can only be described as very liberal. Even British Jaguars did not have more to offer. And craftsmanship was again a notch up to the already impressive 180 ponton and the previous Mercedes 220>>>

Experiencing the Mercedes 220S

It was in early 2009, when I decided that it was time to replace my trusted British Morris Minor with something more dramatic. Nothing against my Minor. I drove it for the better part of nine years, during the warm summer months as my daily driver. It had served me surprisingly well and Lucas, the prince of darkness, had not left major blemishes on me.

But now I wanted something faster, larger and more luxurious. First I had pondered with the idea of buying a Rover P4 or even better, a P5. The “poor man’s Rolls Royce”, as it is affectionately called by its fans. The car has a great six-cylinder engine and gives you the flair of a British gentlemen’s club, once you sit behind the steering wheel. But then my brother suggested something different>>>

If you want to read in much more detail about the Mercedes 219 and 220 ponton, its coupe and cabriolet and if you want to read about the pleasure of owning a Mercedes 220S sedan, then please go here for the printed book and here for the e-book. The printed version covers everything about the 180 and 220 ponton and both the 190SL and 300SL. It also deals with the men, who made all these cars possible, men such as Uhlenhaut, Nallinger, Wilfert or Hoffman. The e-book covers the Mercedes 219 and 220 series with its cabriolet and coupe models. Both books have plenty of new color pictures, most of them never published in a book before. I am sure, you will enjoy.
Mercedes 220 S
Mercedes 220 S, dashboard
Mercedes 220 S coupe
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Mercedes 220S Video Mercedes 220a Drive Video Mercedes 220 S Cabrio Video

MERCEDES 219 to 220 SE Ponton

Mercedes 219 / 220a-SE W105/180/128 (1954-1960)

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